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Amazon Toys, these people really know what is commerce.

Amazon Toys

Amazon Toys. If there are people who know how to take advantage of a crisis to generate more business and future options, it could not be other than Amazon, since the company was born it has been generating important milestones in world trade, that online bookstore that was initially called, today is one of the world market leaders in trade, and its latest steps have been absolutely incredible.

Amazon Toys
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Due to the lack of liquidity of merchants in the USA who sell on Amazon and the big problems of banks, Amazon created late last year a division called Amazon Lending, which acts as a traditional lender, or a traditional bank, which aims to bring value to merchants and help them in their liquidity problems, this initiative has been so important that merchants to have a way out have resorted to work in many cases exclusively with Amazon, having this way an absolutely huge volume of product and high quality and in many cases of great exclusivity.


Amazon Toys and its customers

Just as in its time it created Crowdsourcing systems for developers, bringing enormous value to its supply value chain, in this case it does so with products, getting hundreds of small entrepreneurs and businesses to turn to Amazon as a global trade service, so they can devote themselves to what they do best, that is, to select and / or manufacture the best products for customers.

LonTail’s strategy, which started a few years ago in the book market, is being extrapolated to its entire range of sales in the most appropriate way, which means that Amazon takes care of its customers, and also of its product suppliers, who are also its customers in other service areas.

Amazon Toys and strategy

The average loan from these merchants is depending on the products, between $1,000 and $38,000, thus becoming a great alternative for small businesses that need operating funds to develop their business.

And also, from a business point of view Amazon, in this case with Amazon Toys has it really clear, if now a merchant has to bet on a platform on which to develop their business and position their products will be very clear, Amazon. This creates real fanatic merchants of this global sales channel, thus becoming a great alternative for small companies that need operational funds to develop their business.

And in all this, where do the banks stand? Well, they are left out of the pie. They are not knowing how to adapt to the market and the big global and/or sectorial players are taking advantage of this enormous weakness of the banks to use their business intelligence to “invest” in their own business, which is proven to be one of the most profitable.

Amazon Toys and credit

This shows some expectations for the future but of course there is no doubt that the credit market as a tool to better develop the mission of the companies is something that will make the big cake that banks have had in the world become very small, in a few years it is very possible that banks and the way credit moves will be absolutely different from the current model, that is, that the model seeks new ways of development, leaving the structures that were effective, but not efficient out of this new business and commercial era.

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